A Taxing Consideration: Choosing a Business Structure

By: Donna Ray Berkelhammer. This was posted Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

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A Taxing Consideration: Choosing a Business Structure (Sole Proprietorship)

When people are starting a business, they are often very confused and overwhelmed as to how to choose an entity, or even whether they need one. Many entrepreneurs look at limiting their legal liability but never consider the tax implications of their business entity. The only entities which provide limited liability to owners (with respect to both tort and contract liability) are S corporations, C corporations, and limited liability companies. Before selecting the entity, it is essential to review the tax implications as well as the legal ones.

In a series of blog posts, I will discuss the various available entities (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, C-corporation and S-corporation) and some tax issues associated with each.

Sole Proprietorship:
Many entrepreneurs start their businesses as sole proprietorships, where the owner and the business are one and the same (sometimes known as “hanging out a shingle”). This is certainly the simplest way to begin. There are no formalities required. But, if the business is sued or has a hefty tax debt, you are financially responsible. Many risks of having a sole proprietorship can be addressed with insurance.

From a tax perspective, the business profits are reported on the owner’s personal income tax filings under his/her Social Security number, and the income will be taxed at the owner’s standard personal income rate. The owner must file form 1040, and 1040 ES Declaration of Estimated Tax For Individuals. The owner is responsible for paying self-employment taxes. There are many deductions available as well.

Once you hire employees, you should consider forming a limited liability entity to protect yourself from the acts of the employee.

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