Introducing David McKenzie

By: Donna Ray Berkelhammer. This was posted Thursday, April 14th, 2011

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We have a new litigator in our officeDavid McKenzie.  His official bio will give you the facts and figures, but will not give you the true measure of the man.

David and I have known each other for several years through our pro-bono work in Durham County.  Like many attorneys, he is smart as a whip and has a knack for civil procedure and the rules of evidence.  What sets David apart is his practice philosophy.  David and I have a similar approach:  we take the time to understand our client’s needs and goals (and often cost parameters) and craft a legal solution that addresses all these factors. 

I have enjoyed collaborating with David in the past, and look forward to working with him in the future.  If you are involved in a contract dispute, have questions about ownership of your brand name, trademark, software or other intellectual property, or otherwise are involved in a business-related lawsuit, in my opinion, David is the right person to call.

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