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In NC and Virginia, Consumers Can Dispute Debts Verbally

If you routinely collect debts from consumers, you are probably familiar with the requirements of the federal Fair Debt Collections Act (FDCPA). Under this act, consumers who disputed a debt had thirty days after receiving a debt collection notice to notify the creditor or debt collector in writing that the debt was not valid.  Until [...]


Your Customer Has NOT Complained to the Better Business Bureau

We all are in the business of providing good customer service. We all want to address customer complaints head-on, make it right and diffuse the conflict and potential for bad-mouthing.  But, the recent emails from “” is a scam that is stealing your personal information.


Keeping Up With Your Brand

The Kardashian Sisters (a trio of famous-for-being-famous celebrities) have been in the financial news lately, first for endorsing a “predatory” prepaid debit card and then being sued for $75 million for withdrawing their endorsement. 


Face It: You Need to Be Careful Out There

Yahoo! Finance has a great article on how identity thieves can mine data from your Facebook status updates to drain your bank account.  Please continue to think before you post. If you believe you are the victim of identity theft, here are the Federal Trade Commission’s immediate steps.


Are You Making Yourself Vulnerable to Cyber Crime?

Walletpop provides some great and easy tips for protecting yourself from identity theft and other cyber crimes:  Do you wear seatbelts? Avoid raw eggs? Get a flu shot? In other words, do you behave in ways aimed at protecting your safety and your overall health? Now answer this: Do you have a password on your [...]


Changes to FSAs and HSAs: Nothing to Sneeze At

Many employees take advantage of Flexible Spending Accounts