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I Caught Someone Copying My Website. Now What?

You just discovered that a new entrant to your existing market copied your website FAQs, but changed them a little.  Your site has “© ABC Corporation 2009-2014″ on the bottom.  What do you do now.


Of Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Entrepreneurs often know they need to protect their intellectual property, but often they don’t understand what kind of intangible asset can be protected and under what law.


Selling Copyrighted Goods Manufactured Abroad is not Copyright Infringement

The US Supreme  Court ruled 6-3 today that once you buy a work covered by U.S. copyright law, you may resell that product in the U.S., no matter where it was lawfully manufactured.  This is an important decision for second-hand shops, discounters, online auction sites, museums and libraries.  


Social Media is like Old School Media — But Faster

LinkedIn. Facebook. Vimeo. Pinterest. Typepad. Same purpose as newsletters, press releases and advertising (staying in contact with your customers and managing your brand). Same legal issues (copyright and trademark infringement, defamation).  But faster.  


Ten Copyright Myths

Many people do not understand how work product is protected and what you can do with other people’s work.  Let’s take a look at 10 copyright myths: 1.  ›I have to register my work to get a copyright. 2.  ›I can get a copyright by mailing my work to myself. Copyrights attach once an original [...]


Should I Get a Copyright or a Creative Commons License?

In short, yes. It often makes sense to both register your work with the US Copyright Office and get a Creative Commons License if you want an easy way to share your work.