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Fully Appreciating Year-End Charitable Gifts

As year-end approaches, many of you are finalizing your charitable gifts for the year.


ACLU Argues For Privacy of NC Amazon Customers

As reported in TechJournalSouth


Changes to FSAs and HSAs: Nothing to Sneeze At

Many employees take advantage of Flexible Spending Accounts


10 Arguments Against Paying Taxes (that will not work)

In honor of Tax Day, here is a list of 10 arguments against paying taxes from one of my favorite sites, Mental Floss. See the article for more information and entertainment.


Amazon v. The NC General Assembly sent a notice yesterday morning to its “affiliate” sellers living in North Carolina stating that Amazon may terminate its North Carolina affiliates due to a pending “unconstitutional” change in the state tax law that would require Amazon to collect and pay NC sales tax on its NC sales.